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2007. too bad dmitri aint round no more but i gotta say the inges did a pretty fuckin good job. lotsa booze, thats the key, an the mrs moved all the breakables so i could throw a punch heren there ha ha. im all in favor of breakin faces but i didnt wanna break inge valuables none.

since fuck knows i aint up to doin anythin like goin out or movin wit the headache i got right now may as well do this gayass lj shit

erry month o 2006, a first line of STUDLY FARNSWORTH GENIUS for you to enjoy. if there werent much of a line i went an got more caus rules are for pussies.

january: fuckin hell my head
february: Well the Superbowl was pretty fuckin awesome, we had a box and everythin.
march: Pretty good article, but why does everyone keep callin me Robocop??
april: rain delay on openin night?
may: Win headin into Boston, thats good.
june: And also: FUCK.
july: Fuckin baby head on a stake, that was ricockulous.
august: That stung like a whore who dont know how to keep her teeth covered.
september: I aint got nothin to post bout.
october: Yea, I made a real great case for myself headin into the postseason.
november: Fuck you people are borin in the offseason.
december: Im watchin you, Cashman.

basically ima master of words.
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