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They got me throwin junk innins lately. Mos got the 9th obviously an now Vizcaino gonna be throwin mostly the 8th. I hadda get fuckin sat down by Torre an the Gator an talked to like a three year old who dont unnerstand why they gettin time out for hittin people in the school halls wit baseball bats. Which I dint never do, ocourse.

This is the fuckin thing of it. I aint gettin on topa the ball. I keep fuckin droppin down moren I should, and I keep fuckin rushin my fuckin delivery. I gotta get WORK to get thru that. It aint somethin Im gonna fix jus by fuckin THINKIN bout it. I gotta get out there and pitch pitch pitch til I get back in my good groove. But Torres convinced he cant use me fuckin hardly EVER. Not on consecutive days, an not in moren one innin.

Fuck, I know I had back issues, but I dont think thats as tied to pitchin as he pparently does. I been talkin to a buncha trainers, a lotta em think, yknow, I do so much weight trainin, maybe I aint been balancin that wit as much flexibilty trainin as I should, so the muscles in my back been gettin TOO huge an kinda stiff... which was why they were gettin prone to spasms an shit. Now, thats somethin I gotta work out on my own time, an Im aimin to... I aint no motherfuckin DELICATE FLOWER, I can fuckin pitch moren one day in a row, this is jus them bein fuckin PARANOID. FUCK.


Now SOMEONE fuckin EXPLAIN to me why it is that they so fuckin afraid o me havin a few muscle spasms that they gonna treat me like a asscrackfuckin tiny baby kitten, but they perfectly comfortable throwin Scott out there til his arm falls off at the shoulder? Which tbe honest alla us in the bullpen are waitin on arready. Its ony a matter o time.

I aint gonna get back in no kinda groove if I dont pitch. An they dont want me pitchin much, an defnitely not innins that mean nothin. Now how the fucks a dude suppost to solve somethin like that?
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