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we are worse than the orioles right now

For real. Behind the Pink Socks which, whatever, their gay asses gonna implode soon nough, but were also behind the Orangebirds, which is not just gay but is also BIGFATGAY. How is that even possible? I dint think it was possible for anyone to be worsen the Orangebirds unless it was Tampax Bay.

I still ony get to pitch once in a blue moon. I got into some kinda close games recent but it dont seem to make no fuckin difference. I blew chunks an fucked up that kids start... onea them babies we jus called up. I dont know which one, theyre all the same an theres like 800 of em. Theyre all so green they still dont even know the difference tween 'good job ass pat' an 'ARods gonna take you out to dinner after that one ass grope'. But anyhow this kid was aimin for his first ever win an I fucked it up.

Well the ump fucked up too, that asshole what "stole" second was out by at least 2 feet, but he shouldnta even been on base, so whatever, chunks were blown.

Theyre still usin every reliever in the pen over an over an over again... cept for me. Dont know what I gotta do to get more work. Needta suck some dick probly, but I aint exactly jumpin at the thoughta doin that since I done so good so far resistin this team turnin me into onea the Gays.

Blah blah blah borin borin borin.

Dont got no opinion on the Rocket but I done heard all the rumors an I jus got one thing to say: if I walk in on him an Pettitte tryin to make assbabies in the clubhouse, even ONCE, thats it, I am done. Ill fuckin walk into Torres office an hand in my papers right there. I done killed and gutted deers all my own, I been up to my elbows in blood an guts, but some things a dude jus aint got no stomach for seein.
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