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heres a fact

Guess what, assholes? Youre gonna hafta hold onto me, cause when you run Scott out there EVERY FUCKIN DAY PRETTY MUCH, of fuckin COURSE his arms gonna fall off sooner or later, an the way hes been used lately Id say sooner.

Its startin to feel like Im back on the Cubbies wit Dusty Baker personally tryin to ruin every single pitcher on the team by usin em in the most assbackwards ways his fataddled little brain can think of.

OK, we got this guy whos strugglin a little an needs more time to work thru his pitchin... lets not pitch him NEVER so he dont never get comfortable on the mound! What a great idea!

We got this other guy who we been usin assloads lately, lets jus keep doin that! Use him again an again! Hes got his feel down, so insteada rotatin erryone in the same we jus gonna keep runnin him out there til he aint nothin but busted! GENIUS!

Fuck, people dont wanna hear it cause its like the motherfuckin army wit all this Dont Ask Dont Tell shit goin on round these parts, but thats the fact o it an Scott wouldnt never call noone out on it, but if hed get used like a normal reliever on a normal team Id be willin to bet today wouldnta gone down like it did.
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