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eat it, socks

Take somea THAT, Pink Socks! You tryn kill our first baseman, we beat your gay whiny asses on your own pissgreen midgetal patch o turf.

Yea I got that fat DH to ground out like a lil bitch. The dreadlocked ugly doubled but what the fuck ever hes likely to do that offa anyone. Greek geek flew out, an then the 1B murderer struck out lookin like the CHUMP that he is. I was like "BITCH PLEASE YOU AINT GOT A FUCKIN THING ON THE FARNS" and he was like "ahhhh dont hurt me i only got one nut in my nutsack."

An yknow what, ARod can fuck all the blonde trannys he wants so longs he keeps hittin like that. May not be MY cuppa coffee but if blonde trannys is what it takes for him to be happy an homerun hittin, blonde trannys it is.
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