farnsworthalot (farnsworthalot) wrote,

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three things

1. Thats right bitches, I called out the PocketRocket. Someone on this fuckin pansyass teams gotta show some balls, an when it comes to bein badass I think we all know you come right to THE FARNS. Fuck it. He aint gonna be parta the team for real if hes gettin all treated 'special' like that. May as well fuckin pick up a industrial strength condom an call him a penis covered wit AIDS for all the careful handlin hes gettin.

2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IIIINNNNNGE. Welcome to the wrong side of the big three oh. It sux hairy assholes. Better start stockin up on the Viagra right now if you wanna keep the lil lady in line.

3. The New York Yankees are terrible at baseball.
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